Guess the city: 2024 North American Refugee Health Conference

Answer the clues below to find the first 3 letters of the U.S. city that will host our 2024 conference:

  1. ____ First letter of one of the major cities within a Canadian province that has seen an increase in asylum seekers arriving by plane instead of land after the closing of Roxham Road last year. 
  2. ____First letter of the name of the intergovernmental organization, comprised of 175 member states, dedicated to promoting humane migration.
  3. ____ First letter from the year (in words) that the Refugee Act was passed in the United States. This Act created the US Federal Refugee Resettlement Program.

If you answered the puzzle as M-I-N then you know that our next conference city is MINNEAPOLIS!

We had promised that very soon we would host our annual conference there and we didn’t want to disappoint. As the “birthplace of US refugee health”, it is only fitting we pay homage by bringing our conference to this great city.

Minneapolis is home to many organizations working to provide best practices for providers, resettlement, health departments, and community organizations.  We can’t wait to showcase all their excellent work!


Make sure you SAVE THESE DATES on your calendar!


Monday, August 5 – Wednesday, August 7, 2024



1. Answer: M (Montréal)
2. Answer: I (IOM – International Organization for Migration)

3. Answer: N (1980 – Nineteen eighty)

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