Covid-19 Rules

Dear NARHC Attendee,

As you prepare to attend, please review this Covid-19 information carefully.

Our Responsibility

  1. We have purchased extra space and will place chairs farther apart.
  2. We will place hand sanitizer and extra masks liberally throughout the convention center.
  3. We will have a supply of rapid Covid-19 tests at the registration desk for those that request one for medical reasons.
  4. We will immediately notify NARHC attendees through our email Listserv and conference app notifications if we learn of any Covid-19 positive person that was in the convention center (without disclosing that person(s)’ identity).
  5. We will refund your registration if you can’t attend or must leave early for medical reasons.


Your Responsibility

  1. If you have Covid-19 or were exposed to Covid-19, please follow current CDC guidelines for isolation. This means you should not be attending a medical conference, period! Notify us immediately if you test positive while at NARHC or directly after NARHC, and which sessions you had attended, so we can let attendees know (while keeping your identity private).
  2. If you feel sick (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.), STAY HOME or in your hotel room. This means you should not be attending a medical conference, period!
  3. If you are not vaccinated, wear a mask. If you have medical/personal/family issues that makes you concerned about Covid-19, wear a mask.
  4. If you don’t want to shake hands or hug people, then put out your arm for a fist-bump or elbow-bump. Do it quickly to let people know that’s how you want to be greeted.

We Got This!!!  You are all very smart people!  There is no reason why we can’t pull off an in-person medical conference this year.  We just need to use common sense, be respectful of others, and follow basic rules that allows everyone to have a safe and successful NARHC!


Jim Sutton, PA-C
Executive Director

P.S.  I have been quadrupled vaccinated and still got Covid on May 12. I feel like I am swimming in covid antibodies right now and I have no fear of contracting or transmitting Covid at the NARHC.  So…… if you see me coming at you for a hug (and you don’t want one), then get that fist-bump up there fast before I get there  😊

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