Refugee Scholarships

About the Scholarship Program

The 2020 NARHC offers scholarships for previously resettled refugees to attend the conference.  The applicant must be a previously resettled refugee that is currently working in the medical field (in any capacity) or a refugee student studying or training in the medical field (in any capacity).

The scholarship is for the registration fee only.  Travel, lodging, and food are not covered.  It is not a cash award.  If awarded, the Society will register the awardee for the conference and waive the fee.

The funds for the scholarships are obtained by conference attendees making a one-time tax deductible donation at the time they register for the conference.  How many scholarships are awarded is entirely dependent upon how much money is donated by conference attendees.  Scholarships are awarded on a first come/first served basis.  They will be awarded in the order of those that apply.  The Society will not wait to make the award.  Once the appropriate amount for a scholarship is collected the next applicant will be notified of the award.  Since many conference attendees don’t register until a short time before the conference, awards could potentially be given right up until the start of the conference.  If an applicant’s plans has changed and they can’t attend, then the award will be given to the next applicant on the list.


Meet a scholarship recipient

We received 32 applications for the 2018 NARHC scholarship. Thanks to members’ donations we were able to award 14 scholarships. Read more about one of our scholarship recipients here. 


To Apply

Complete the scholarship application through Survey Monkey: 

We will notify you that we have received the application and let you know what number you are in the order of selection. We will not respond to inquiries about how close you are to being selected.  You will receive further correspondence if you are selected. For other questions about the scholarship please email