Executive Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting our webpage!  The Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers was formed in 2015 as a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS with the mission to educate, coordinate, and provide a forum for communication by which members – and the public – can become more informed about appropriate medical care of refugee patients in North America. Download our 2018 Annual Report

Caring for refugees that have resettled in North America is a challenging endeavor.  Regardless of your political views or thoughts about resettlement or world conflicts, the reality is that there are millions of innocent people displaced from their homes due to wars, political upheaval, famine, and other conflicts.  Many can never return to their homes.  Governments try to find solutions but sometimes the only durable solution is resettling them to a neutral country to re-build their lives.

As caregivers, we are met with the challenge of delivering medical care for these new citizens.  Challenges to delivering appropriate care includes language and cultural differences; helping refugees understand how to navigate the western healthcare system; health literacy; social issues; trauma and behavioral health issues, as well as parasitic and disease states we might not normally see in North America.

The Society provides a forum and educational platform (along with resources) to help caregivers meet these challenges as well as connect with other caregivers around the world to understand best practices and stay up to date on issues regarding the appropriate delivery of healthcare for refugees.  Our most popular membership benefits include an on-line listserv which allows members to communicate with one another across the country, and discounted registration rates for the U.S.-based North American Refugee Health Conference.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – join now!

Best Regards,

James Sutton, PA-C
Executive Director
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