Meet a refugee scholarship recipient

The Society asked registrants of the 2018 North American Refugee Health Conference (NARHC) to donate money to help cover registration costs for a previously resettled refugee training or working in the medical field.

Thanks to members’ generosity, 14 former refugees received scholarships to attend NARHC. Due to the scholarship’s success and demand (we received 32 applications), we are implementing this scholarship fund again for the 2020 conference.


Meet Anonymous*, research coordinator 

“I came to the States in 2008 as a refugee from Iraq and have been able to carve my path in life through the support of my family and the help of some wonderful people along the way (teachers, mentors, professor etc). Through my own experience and studies in college I became more and more involved in refugee issues and wanted to make that my career and passion.

I really wanted to attend the conference especially with my interest and work revolving around refugees. My mentor encouraged me to apply and I saw it as an opportunity that allowed me to attend and also present a poster (otherwise I would not have been able to attend).

The topics were diverse and some of them hit close to home and are tied to what I’m interested in. There were specific topics that encouraged me to look into some new research ideas and interesting questions that I believe would be beneficial to some communities.

This scholarship is really a great way to help people who are interested in refugee health (and have limited financial means). It will present an invaluable opportunity to learn about a diverse field of work and meet people with passion and knowledge that are inspiring.”

*to protect recipient’s privacy