FAQs About Rescheduled NARHC


1. Why did the Society change to a virtual version?

We had emphatically stated that we would wait at as long as we could to try to hold the conference in-person.  Then it became increasing clear that an in-person conference wasn’t going to be possible.  We understand the networking and making connections is an important part of the NARHC.  We have contracted with a professional agency to structure the virtual NARHC in such a way that you still get those networking opportunities while providing you with quality educational content.

Our intent it to hold the 2020 NARHC virtually, then return to in-person NARHC’s after that.


2. Is my registration still good for the virtual NARHC?

Absolutely!  If you have already registered for the NARHC your registration automatically transfers to the virtual event.  You don’t have to do anything.

The virtual version will be less expensive than the in-person version (We will have savings on room rental and catering).  Thus the registration fees will be much lower.  Once we switch to our new virtual platform (June 15th) you will receive an email notifying you of your payment status and the new payment rate.  If you have already paid for the in-person version, you will be given the option to make a tax deductible donation of the difference you paid to our refugee scholarship fund or receive a refund for the difference.


3. What do I need to do if I had already registered for August NARHC and now cannot attend the new September date?

We hope you can still join us in September, but if you can’t, then the entire conference will be recorded and placed on our website for viewing later.  You will have to be registered in order to have access to the recorded version.

If you still want to cancel, just email jim@refugeesociety.org to say you want a refund and we will give you one.


4. I had booked a hotel room for the August conference. What do I need to do?

If you booked through our website, we will automatically cancel the registration for you.  If you booked a hotel on your own it will be you responsibility to cancel the reservation.


5. Is the pre-course still on?

Yes and No.  We will be moving the pre-course Forensic Evaluation of Asylum Seekers to a date about a month after the NARHC and that will be virtual too! We thought that would be better since it will allow us to spread out the pre-course over 2 days and not give attendees “computer fatigue” by making them do the pre-course AND NARHC over a long stretch.   The pre-course will be live but virtual.

If you signed up for the pre-course you will receive a separate notification of the new date.


6. Will my registration be refunded?

No.  It will be moved to the virtual version (See question 2).  But, you can request a refund at any time by responding to the emails below.


10. When will registration for the virtual NARHC begin and when will I get access to the platform?

We will open registration for the virtual NARHC on June 15th.  If you are already registered you will get a notification at that time about payments, refunds, and other issues.  It is all automated so there is nothing you need to do at this time.

A couple weeks before the conference we will send you access to the platform so you can practice using it.


11. My question wasn’t on this list. Who can I contact?

Email Sarah & Jim at sarah@refugeesociety.org and jim@refugeesociety.org